Haverstick’s first book, “The Form of No Forms,” was written in 1984, and covers Western music theory from basic scales and chords, to complex jazz progressions, modes, and polytonal concepts. His most recent offering, “19 Tones:A New Beginning,” is a look at the 19 tone equal tempered system, it’s relation to the 12 tone eq system, and how they are both approximations of the ratios of the Harmonic Series.

“Neil has opened a door for students to go beyond the academics of playing into the purpose of music…to get the most out of themselves. A real book!” Joe Pass

“Very clear, comprehensive approach to jazz theory, all done in an orderly, detailed fashion…a great book.” Tommy Tedesco

“You have a very excellent book here, one that’s long overdue.” Howard Roberts

“…ingenious paraphrases of Zen metaphors applied to music.” Cadence Magazine

The Form of No Forms - Modern Theory for Guitar by Neil Haverstick




19 Tones - A New Beginning by Neil Haverstick

Harmonics & Spirals Cover

“This spiral-bound book provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the harmonic series and how it has been used historically to create musical scales.” Keyboard mag, February 2017

“Neil Haverstick is one of the most respected microtonalists on the planet.” Jeff Berg,